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Fig. 7

From: Shared species of crocodilian trypanosomes carried by tabanid flies in Africa and South America, including the description of a new species from caimans, Trypanosoma kaiowa n. sp.

Fig. 7

Development of Trypanosoma kaiowa n. sp. cultivated in LIT medium. a Rosettes of flagellates united by the flagella in log-phase cultures (3 days). b, c Detached free-swimming promastigotes (5–7 days). df Epimastigotes with undeveloped undulating membrane. e Rosette of large, irregular and pointed flagellates with a dividing flagellate still attached by the flagellum (10 days). g Long flagellates from stationary cultures varying in size and shape with long free flagellum. h, i Large flagellates with a long and pointed anterior extremity from old (15–20 days) cultures. Abbreviations: P, promastigote; E, epimastigote; n, nucleus; k, kinetoplast; f, flagellum; um, undulating membrane. Black crosses indicate dividing flagellates. Scale-bar: 10 µm

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