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Fig. 8

From: Shared species of crocodilian trypanosomes carried by tabanid flies in Africa and South America, including the description of a new species from caimans, Trypanosoma kaiowa n. sp.

Fig. 8

Scanning electron microscopy of Trypanosoma kaiowa n. sp. a, b Flagellates adhered to the membrane of Hi-5 insect cell (white arrow) cultivated in TC100 medium at 25 °C. b Flagellates apparently invading a Hi-5 cell via flagellum. c Promastigotes from culture supernatant. d, e Rosettes of promastigotes. f Promastigote (P) and epimastigote (E). g A clump of slender promastigotes exhibiting long flagella. h Epimastigote with an inconspicuous undulating membrane. Scale-bars: 10 µm

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