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Fig. 4

From: Strong concordance between percent inhibition in oocyst and sporozoite intensities in a Plasmodium falciparum standard membrane-feeding assay

Fig. 4

Bland–Altman prediction intervals for two measurements. The Bland–Altman prediction intervals (red and blue dotted lines) were calculated between (i) LMRs in oocysts and in sporozoites in the same COM (Ooc-vs-Spz; measured in this study), and (ii) LMRs in oocysts from two independent feeds, i.e. data from two different COMs (Ooc-vs-Ooc; reanalysis of previously reported SMFA data), using data where average LMR < 1.3 (average %TRA < 95%), as described in the supplemental material. a Bland–Altman plot of LMRs in oocysts and in sporozoites. b Each dot represents %TRA in oocysts and in sporozoites for each COM, and the prediction intervals were transformed to the %TRA-scale. The same symbols are used for the same COMs in Figs. 3 and 4

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