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Fig. 3

From: Embryonic development and egg viability of wMel-infected Aedes aegypti

Fig. 3

Comparative embryo morphology in wMel-infected vs non-infected eggs: before, during and after impermeability acquisition. Wolbachia-infected (wMelBr) or non-infected eggs (Br and Rock) were clarified at 12, 14 and 18 hours after egg laying (HAE) and embryo morphology was analyzed under the microscope. a, a′ 12-HAE embryo, at germ band extension. b 12-HAE embryo, at early germ band extension. c, c′ 14-HAE embryo, at the maximum germ band extension. d 14-HAE embryo, at germ band extension. e, e′ 18-HAE embryo, at the beginning of germ band retraction, showing embryo segmentation. f 18-HAE embryo, at maximum germ band extension, without strong segmentations. White arrows point to embryo heads, and black arrows refer to the moment of embryo collect and fixation to analysis. Scale-bar: 100 µm

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