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Fig. 4

From: Role of gamma-giardin in ventral disc formation of Giardia lamblia

Fig. 4

Effect of morpholino-mediated knockdown of Glγ-giardin on Giardia cell division. a Giardia trophozoites were collected 48 h after electroporation with control morpholino (control mph; Lane 1), or anti-Glγ-giardin morpholino (anti-Glγ-giardin mph; Lane 2). Extracts of these cells were reacted with anti-Glγ-giardin or anti-GlPDI1 antibodies. Abundance of each immunoreactive protein was quantified by densitometry and normalized to that of Giardia treated with control morpholino. b Expression of Glγ-giardin was monitored by IFAs. Cells were reacted overnight with rat anti-Glγ-giardin polyclonal antibodies (1:100) then treated with Alexafluor 555-conjugated anti-rat IgG (1:100). Slides were mounted with VECTASHIELD anti-fade mounting medium with DAPI then observed with an Axiovert 200 fluorescent microscope. c Effect of anti-Glγ-giardin morpholino on cytokinesis of Giardia cells. Cells were stained with 10% Giemsa solution and observed with a light microscope to count numbers of cells in interphase (gray columns), mitosis (closed columns) and cytokinesis (open columns). d Cell number was determined by counting a least 500 cells per each condition. Cells were attached on coverslips and mounted in anti-fade mounting medium with DAPI. To determine numbers of cells with four or two nuclei, more than 300 cells per condition were counted. Scale-bars: b, c, d, 2 µm

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