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Fig. 5

From: Role of gamma-giardin in ventral disc formation of Giardia lamblia

Fig. 5

Effect of morpholino-mediated knockdown of Glγ-giardin on structure and function of adhesive disc in Giardia. Giardia trophozoites were collected 48 h after electroporation with control morpholino, or anti-Glγ-giardin morpholino. a Scanning electron microgram showing adhesive disc of G. lamblia. Shape of the adhesive discs are presented as cartoons. b Transmission electron micrographs demonstrating microribbons of adhesive discs. c After 48-h cultivation, culture media were discarded to remove non-attached cells and replaced with PBS. Tubes were incubated on ice for 20 min to detach adherent cells. Detached cells were counted using hemocytometer. As a control, adherence of G. lamblia trophozoites transfected with anti-GlMBP morpholino was evaluated as described above. The experiment was performed three times, and three replicates were analyzed for each experiment. The error bars are from three independent experiments. Scale-bars: a, b, 2 µm

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