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Table 2 Phenotypic analysis in splenocytes from immunised mothers and their infected litters

From: Delivery of SA35 and SA40 peptides in mice enhances humoral and cellular immune responses and confers protection against Cryptosporidium parvum infection

Group CD3+-CD4+ (%) CD30+ (%)
BALB/c adults immunised with PBS + LH 27 1.8
BALB/c adults immunised with SA35/40 mix + LH 48 50
BALB/c mice born from mice immunised with PBS + LH 38.8 16
BALB/c mice born from mice immunised with SA35/40 mix + LH 61 44
  1. Notes: Adult female BALB/c mice were mucosally immunised with SA35/40 mix. Cells were stimulated with C. parvum crude extract and were gated for 90–95% CD45+. Analysis of splenocytes from adult mice was carried out on the last day of the experiments. The number of mice is shown in Fig. 1. Newborn mice born from intranasally immunised mothers were infected with 105 oocysts and sacrificed five days later