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Table 5 miRNA relative expression level

From: MicroRNA let-7 regulates the expression of ecdysteroid receptor (ECR) in Hyalomma asiaticum (Acari: Ixodidae) ticks

  Agomir Antagomir
let-7 Up Down
miR-2a Down Up
miR-2b Down Up
miR-10 Down Up
miR-305 Down Up
miR-5313 Up Up
miR-5312 Down Up
miR-279 Down Down
miR-100 Up Up
bantam Down Down
miR-315 Down ns
  1. Notes: miRNAs were tested when let-7 is overexpressed and knocked down. Compared with the group of injected miRNA-NC, “down” means that the expression of miRNAs is downregulated, “up” means that the expression of miRNAs is upregulated and “ns” means not significant