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Fig. 1

From: Surface sterilization methods impact measures of internal microbial diversity in ticks

Fig. 1

Effect of the sterilization treatment on bacterial diversity of whole ticks. a Bar plots of the relative abundance of the 10 most abundant bacterial families in each sample. Each bar represents a sample; ethanol samples on the left and bleach samples on the right. b NMDS plot of generalized Unifrac (α = 0.5) distances between treatments; blue dots correspond to bleach samples, red dots to ethanol samples. c Heatmap of the diversity and abundance of OTUs between bleach (on the right) and ethanol (on the left) samples with the different samples on the X axis and OTUs on the Y axis. The most common OTU, Coxiella-LE of the family Coxiellaceae, is shared by all samples and is delineated by the ‘red line’ across the heatmap

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