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Fig. 3

From: Generalist host species drive Trypanosoma cruzi vector infection in oil palm plantations in the Orinoco region, Colombia

Fig. 3

Spatial distribution of clustered vector blood meals. Los Potrillos, Tauramena is located in the department of Casanare (Orinoco region, Colombia). The study site is adjacent to the Cusiana River and covers an area of 25 ha that comprehends savanna, A. butyracea forest, gallery forest, and oil palm plantation landscapes. Additionally, peridomestic areas are present. Vectors were collected in A. butyracea and E. guineensis palms. Based on Moran’s I index computed for the abundance of blood meal species identified in R. prolixus, most blood meals were randomly distributed in the study area. The few species that exhibited clustering were Ortalis sp. (blue), Proechimys sp. (red), Artibeus sp (yellow), and C. lupus familiaris (orange)

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