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Fig. 6

From: Metazoan parasite infracommunities of the dusky flounder (Syacium papillosum) as bioindicators of environmental conditions in the continental shelf of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Fig. 6

Distance-based redundancy analysis of the number of parasites of Syacium gunteri and Syacium papillosum. The plot shows the statistical associations of the number of parasites for S. gunteri (red dots) and S. papillosum (blue dots) per sampling station and the environmental variables retained by the analysis after a forward stepwise procedure. The acronyms of the environmental variables are as follows: SSUMPAH, sum of the concentrations of polyaromatic hydrocarbons per sampling site; PO4, phosphorus; NO2, nitrite; SiO4, silicate; Ni, nickel; Pb, lead; V, vanadium

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