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Table 4 Comparison of the results of trials with the same design but different infection days for bacteriological results

From: Efficacy of injectable toltrazuril-iron combination product and oral toltrazuril against early experimental infection of suckling piglets with Cystoisospora suis

Bacteriology (bacterial load and virulence factors)
  E. coli (virulence factors) Cl. perfringens (type; toxin)
Day of infection 1st dol 3rd dol 1st dol 3rd dol
Litters 4 days post-infection
  ++ − +++ a [fimH; iucD (2 litters)] ++ - +++a [fimH, papC, iucD, cnf1] + [A, beta 2] +++ [A, beta 2]
Individual piglets (1st dol: n = 1+1, 3rd dol: n = 7)
Diarrhoeic piglet(s), toltrazuril treated (+) [fimH; iucD] ++ - +++a [fimH, papC, iucD, cnf1] Negative + − +++ [A, beta 2]
Matched healthy control (+) [fimH] Not done Negative Not done
Sows ante partum
  ++ − +++a [fimH, papC, astA, iucD, cnf1] Not done Negative Not done
  1. aHaemolytic growth
  2. Abbreviations: AF, autofluorescence; MM, McMaster; OpG, oocysts per gram of faeces; FS, faecal score; dol, day of life