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Table 1 Accession numbers of B. bigemina selected proteins and their homologous proteins in other arthropod-borne pathogens

From: Identification of proteins expressed by Babesia bigemina kinetes

Protein name B. big B. bov B. ova B. sp. Xin B. m T. a T. e T. p Pl
BbiKSP XP_012767701 XP_001608872 GBE61312 ORM40592
CCp2 XP_012767423 XP_001609893 GBE61548 ORM40789 XP_012649113 XP_952882 XP_004830733 XP_763844 XP_001615829
CCp3 XP_012769523 XP_001612018 GBE58642 ORM39994 XP_021337760 XP_953429 XP_004831308 XP_764433 XP_001348240
  1. Abbreviations: B. big, Babesia bigemina; B. bov, Babesia bovis; B. ova, Babesia ovata; B. sp. Xin, Babesia sp. Xinjiang; B.m, Babesia microti; T.a, Theileria annulata; T.e, Theileria equi; T.p, Theileria parva; Pl, Plasmodium species