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Fig. 1

From: Eimeria maxima-induced transcriptional changes in the cecal mucosa of broiler chickens

Fig. 1

The relative body weight gain percentage (RBWG%) between uninfected naïve control (n = 15) and Eimeria maxima-infected groups (n = 15). The chickens were weighed prior to Eimeria maxima infection (EM) and at day 5 post-infection (EM5). The RBWG% was calculated by the following equation: (BWEM5 − BWEM0)/BWEM0 × 100%. The RBWG% is expressed as the mean (middle line) with standard errors (top and lower lines). Each data point is a single individual and the horizontal line is the mean for the respective groups of samples. The difference between the two groups is statistically significant (t-test, t(28) = 2.702, P = 0.012)

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