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Fig. 5

From: Prevalence and diversity of avian blood parasites in a resident northern passerine

Fig. 5

Bayesian phylogenetic tree of parasite mtDNA cytochrome b lineages from northwestern crows (Corvus caurinus) and accompanying reference lineages. Lineages isolated from samples in this study are labeled in red; lineages isolated from avian hosts in Alaska are marked with asterisks. Highlighting denotes whether a lineage found in corvid hosts is specific only to corvids (pink) or has been found in other host families (grey). Node tips are labeled with abbreviated parasite genus (PLAS, Plasmodium; HAEM, Haemoproteus; LEUC, Leucocytozoon) followed by the lineage name, GenBank accession number, and abbreviated family name for the avian host (CORV, Corvidae; PHAS, Phasianidae; ANAT, Anatidae; EMBE, Emberizidae; FRIN, Fringillidae; PARI, Paridae; PARU, Parulidae; TURD, Turdidae)

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