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Table 2 Negligible mitochondrial cytochrome b sequence divergence between Rhodnius montenegrensis and R. robustus genotype II

From: Transcriptome-based molecular systematics: Rhodnius montenegrensis (Triatominae) and its position within the Rhodnius prolixusRhodnius robustus cryptic–species complex

Sequence Geography Divergence from Rhodnius montenegrensis KR072682.1 [7]
GenBank ID Reference Locality State/Province Country No. of bases p-distance SE T3p+γ distance SE
EF071583.1 [30] Not reported Rondônia Brazil 1a 0.00271 0.00258 0.00276 0.00263
EF011720.1 [5] Porto Velho Rondônia Brazil 2 0.00542 0.00383 0.00563 0.00429
EF011724.1 [14] Monte Negro Rondônia Brazil 3b 0.00813 0.00427 0.00862 0.00528
AF421341.1 [5] Not reported Napo Ecuador 5 0.01355 0.00524 0.01494 0.00732
  1. Notes: The comparisons involve sequence KR072682.1 (from Rhodnius montenegrensis’ original description [7]) vs R. robustus II sequences from the type locality (Monte Negro), from the same sub-region (state of Rondônia, Brazil), and from a ~2000-km distant area (province of Napo, Ecuador) within western Amazonia
  2. aLikely a base-call error in EF071583.1
  3. bIncluding one probable base-call error in EF011724.1
  4. Abbreviations: p-distance, observed proportion of segregating sites; SE, standard error (from 1000 bootstrap pseudo-replicates); T3p+γ distance, corrected proportion of segregating sites estimated using the best-fit model of nucleotide substitution (Tamura three-parameter model with γ-distributed rates – five categories, γ = 0.20)