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Fig. 3

From: The antioxidants resveratrol and N-acetylcysteine enhance anthelmintic activity of praziquantel and artesunate against Schistosoma mansoni

Fig. 3

In vitro effects of AS, RESV and AS + RESV (highest concentration) on viability of Schistosoma mansoni NTS assessed by propidium iodide (PI) incorporation following exposure for 72 h. Notably, NTS exposed to AS + RESV showed stronger fluorescence than schistosomula cultured in AS or RESV alone, indicating that the former was dead. Images were captured using the BioTek LionHeart FX Automated Live Cell microscope (magnification of 20×) fitted with a 586 nm (Texas Red) filter. Scale-bars: 100 µm

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