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Fig. 1

From: Characterization of an iron-inducible Haemaphysalis longicornis tick-derived promoter in an Ixodes scapularis-derived tick cell line (ISE6)

Fig. 1

Schematic diagram of the constructed pmirGLO/HlFer Luc2/HlActin-hrLuc plasmid, created using a SnapGene Viewer. Luciferase (Luc2) indicates the firefly luciferase gene, while hrLuc is the Renilla luciferase gene. Ori indicates the origin of replication. The cer region is the stability region of the plasmid [37]. The Kozak sequences are consensus sequences that play a role in the translation process [38]. The poly (A) signal is for the termination of the transcription [39]

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