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Fig. 1

From: Species of Characidotrema Paperna & Thurston, 1968 (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) from fishes of the Alestidae (Characiformes) in Africa: new species, host-parasite associations and first insights into the phylogeny of the genus

Fig. 1

Scheme of measurements for sclerotized structures of Characidotrema spp. Abbreviations: VA, ventral anchor; DA, dorsal anchor; VB, ventral bar. DB, dorsal bar; H, hook. VAG, vagina; MCO, male copulatory organ; il, inner length; ol, outer length; ir, inner root length; or, outer root length; p, point length; tl, total length; w, width; al, arm lenght; pl, posteromedial projection length; cl, tube curved length; bl, base length; bw, base width; bpa, basal process angle

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