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Table 2 Localities from which alestid species were collected

From: Species of Characidotrema Paperna & Thurston, 1968 (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) from fishes of the Alestidae (Characiformes) in Africa: new species, host-parasite associations and first insights into the phylogeny of the genus

LocalityCoordinatesYear of collection
Cameroon, Boumba River03°18′44.28″N, 14°04′40.79″E2017
DR Congo, Lindi River, Ndulo Island00°34′38.99″N, 25°07′11.39″E2014
Senegal, Gambia River, Simenti13°01′23.40″N, 13°17′21.00″W2005–2008
Senegal, Oxbow Mare, Simenti13°01′47.39″N, 13°17′35.99″W2005–2008
South Africa, Pongola River, Broken Bridge26°52′57.71″S, 32°18′40.68″E2017
Sudan, Blue Nile, Sennar13°32′31.09″N, 33°37′15.79″E2010, 2014
Sudan, White Nile, Kosti13°10′18.58″N, 32°40′19.24″E2010, 2014
Zimbabwe, Lake Kariba16°04′50.99″S, 28°52′04.00″E2012