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Table 6 Summary of GO enrichment analysis of differentially expressed genes

From: Comparative analysis of transcriptional profiles of Schistosoma japonicum adult worms derived from primary-infected and re-infected water buffaloes

Function Upregulated genes Downregulated genes
Enrichment terms Major genes Enrichment terms Major genes
Metabolism GO:0008152, GO:0009404, GO:0071941, GO:0006807 Sjp_0126430, Novel00613, Sjp_0127400, Sjp_0067470, Sjp_0078930, Novel02961, Sjp_0036210, Novel02108, Novel02684, Sjp_0132490, Novel02475, Novel00129, Sjp_0128790, Sjp_0126760, Novel00551, Sjp_0128800, Novel0296 None None
Transportation GO:0015078, GO:0015077, GO:0022890, GO:0008324, GO:0015075 GO:0022891 Sjp_0127400, Sjp_0128800, Sjp_0128790, Sjp_0126430 GO:0022857, GO:0005215, GO:0015077, GO:0022890, GO:0008324, GO:0015078 Sjp_0095040, Sjp_0128890, Novel01156, Sjp_0122640
Biosynthesis GO:0044249, GO:1901576, GO:0009058, GO:0019438, GO:0018130, GO:1901362, GO:0006754 Novel02684, Novel00551, Sjp_0128800, Sjp_0036210, Sjp_0126760, Novel02475, Sjp_0126430, Novel00613 None None
Binding GO:0005506, GO:0020037, GO:0046906, GO:0015643 Sjp_0128790, Sjp_0127400, Sjp_0078930 GO:0005544, GO:0005543, GO:0008289, GO:0005509 Sjp_0113480, Sjp_0077960, Sjp_0077970
Oxidation-reduction None None GO:0055114 Sjp_0128890, Sjp_0031650, Sjp_0122640
  1. Note: Only differentially expressed genes that were successfully annotated using the Swiss-Prot database are listed