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Table 2 Bednet coverage by site. Data from population census in December 2016 to January 2017

From: Higher risk of malaria transmission outdoors than indoors by Nyssorhynchus darlingi in riverine communities in the Peruvian Amazon

SiteRiverOnly Tocuyo netaAt least one LLINTotalNo. of households
Salvador (SAL)Napo9 (13.4%)58 (86.6%)100%67
Urco Miraño (URC)Napo9 (18.7%)39 (81.3%)100%48
Libertad (LIB)Mazán10 (18.5%)42 (77.8%)96.3%54
Visto Bueno (VIB)Mazán3 (20.0%)12 (80.0%)100%15
  1. aNon-impregnated bednets locally made of woven cotton fabric