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Table 4 Model averaging summary showing the magnitude of effect and relative importance of different environmental variables in stream habitats on the abundance of C. loisae

From: Habitat associations of Culicoides species (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) abundant on a commercial cervid farm in Florida, USA

Environmental variableEstimate (SE)Relative variable importancen (containing models)
Intercept− 0.63 (0.48)  
Phosphorus0.75 (0.62)0.716
pH− 0.56 (0.52)0.675
Electrical conductivity− 0.84 (0.98)0.534
Manganese− 0.52 (0.91)0.343
Organic matter0.23 (0.47)0.262
Zinc0.07 (0.28)0.091
  1. Abbreviation: SE, standard error