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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of the patients with HIV (HIV-VL) at the time of VL diagnosis

From: Clinical aspects of visceral leishmaniasis caused by L. infantum in adults. Ten years of experience of the largest outbreak in Europe: what have we learned?

Sex, age (years)HIV risk factoraOriginTime between HIV and VL diagnosesHCV co-infectionCD4Viral loadbHAART
Male, 48PDUSpain27 yearsHCV99348,063No
Male, 46PDUSpain20 yearsHCV4563,499No
Male, 34HeteroPeru3 yearsNo29288,439No
Female, 45HeteroEq. Guinea4 yearsNo305< 20TDF/FTC/EFV
Male, 48PDUSpain16 yearsHCV46660,099No
Male, 37HeteroNigeria3 monthsNo32221,511No
Female, 21VerticalEq. Guinea21 yearsNo1660,600No
Male, 32HeteroRomania20 daysNo59143,400No
Male, 36HeteroNigeria6 daysNo41,169,645No
Male, 39MSMPoland5 monthsNo48149,661No
Male, 33MSMMoldova2 daysNo401,610,000No
  1. aHow the patients became infected by HIV
  2. bNumber of RNA viral copies/ml at the moment of VL diagnosis
  3. Abbreviations: PDU, parenteral drug user; MSM, men who have sex with men; Hetero, heterosexual; CD4, number of CD4 cells/mm3 at the moment of VL diagnosis; HAART, highly active antiretroviral therapy; HCV, hepatitis C virus; TDF/FTC/EFV, tenofovir/emtricitabine/efavirenz