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Table 2 Characteristics of the immunosuppressed patients (IS-VL) at the time of VL diagnosis

From: Clinical aspects of visceral leishmaniasis caused by L. infantum in adults. Ten years of experience of the largest outbreak in Europe: what have we learned?

Sex, age (years)Underlying diseaseOriginTime between starting immunosuppression and VL diagnosisCorticosteroids (CE)aMethotrexateAnti-TNFOthers
Female, 68RASpain> 1 yearCE, lowMethotrexateNoNo
Male, 50IBDSpain4 monthsCE, intermediateNoNoNo
Male, 88COPDSpain> 1 yearCE, highNoNoNo
Male, 64Psoriatic arthritisSpain> 1 yearNoMethotrexateNoNo
Male, 40UIPSpain> 1 yearCE, intermediateNoNoAzathioprine
Female, 54RASpain> 1 yearCE, intermediateMethotrexateEtanerceptNo
Female, 69RACuba4 monthsCE, intermediateMethotrexateNoNo
Male, 54Psoriatic arthritisSpainMtx > 1 year, Eta 10 monthsCE, lowMethotrexateEtanerceptNo
Male, 65COPDSpain> 1 yearCE, highNoNoNo
Female, 44IBDSpain> 1 yearNoNoInfliximabAzathioprine
Female, 60RASpain> 1 yearNoMethotrexateNoIL-20
Female, 47IBDSpain16 monthsNoNoAdalimumabNo
Female, 44PsoriasisSpain> 1 yearNoMethotrexateNoNo
Male, 72Giant-cell arteritisSpain> 1 yearCE, highNoNoNo
Male, 33Tubulo-interstitial nephritisNigeria5 monthsCE, highNoNoNo
Male, 30IgA nephropathySpain> 1 yearCE, lowNoNoNo
  1. a CE doses (prednisone equivalent): low dose, below 5 mg/day; intermediate dose, 5–10 mg/day; high dose, above 30 mg/day
  2. Abbreviations: RA, rheumatoid arthritis; IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder; UIP, usual interstitial pneumonia; CE, corticosteroids; IL-20, monoclonal antibody anti-IL-20