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Table 7 Clinical features of IC-VL patients who relapsed

From: Clinical aspects of visceral leishmaniasis caused by L. infantum in adults. Ten years of experience of the largest outbreak in Europe: what have we learned?

Sex, age (years)OriginSub-SaharanaDays to relapseDrugDose (mg/kg)Retreatment dose (mg/kg)Status 6 months after retreatment
Male, 38SpainNo270LAB1535Cured
Male, 95SpainNo30LAB1830Cured
Male, 15SpainYes60LAB1830Cured
Female, 37Eq. GuineaYes115LAB1821Cured
Female, 64Eq. GuineaYes97ABLC2130 (LAB)Cured
Male, 34Eq. GuineaYes165LAB2120 (LAB + miltefosine)Cured
Male, 39NigeriaYes71LAB2140Cured
Male, 51SpainNo190LAB3012 (exitus cirrhosis)Exitus
  1. aRelapses in persons of sub-Saharan origin with IC-VL: 11.9% (5/42) vs 7.9% (3/38), P = 0.414
  2. Abbreviations: LAB, liposomal B amphotericin; ABLC, amphotericin B lipid complex