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Table 3 Mosquitoes collected in the traps baited with three different attractants in the field

From: Enhancing attraction of the vector mosquito Aedes albopictus by using a novel synthetic odorant blend

BaitSpeciesSexTotalMean ± SEn
ControlAedes albopictusFemale404.44 ± 1.13a9
Male232.56 ± 1.67a9
Culex quinquefasciatusFemale11012.22 ± 6.75b9
Male20823.11 ± 6.50b9
Mix-5Aedes albopictusFemale879.67 ± 1.13b9
Male444.89 ± 1.67a9
Culex quinquefasciatusFemale16918.78 ± 4.0b9
Male15817.56 ± 6.50b9
BG-lureAedes albopictusFemale707.78 ± 1.13a9
Male9410.44 ± 1.67b9
Culex quinquefasciatusFemale22625.11 ± 4.0b9
Male36340.33 ± 6.50b9
  1. Note: The same superscript letter indicates a non-significant difference