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Table 3 Sensitivity and specificity of the visual diagnosis of sarcoptic mange in 347 Iberian ibexes (kid, yearling, juvenile and adult) culled in Sierra Nevada Natural Space during the wet (winter and spring) and the dry periods (summer and autumn) of the year. P-values were obtained from the generalized linear models (GLMs) proposed to explain the sensitivity and specificity, which included the variables age, sex and period of the year

From: How sensitive and specific is the visual diagnosis of sarcoptic mange in free-ranging Iberian ibexes?

  Parameters involved in the GLMs P-value
Sensitivity (%) Dry period (73.44) Wet period (92.09) < 0.0001
Juveniles (64.76) Adults (94.26) 0.00196
Specificity (%) Wet period (55.22) Dry period (82.35) 0.0443
Females (22.73) Males (74.19) 0.0643