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Table 1 Fitted (λ, k10, k60) and unfitted (σ, ϒ, ke) model parameters. MLE parameter values and ranges are shown for fitted parameters. R0 values are cluster specific and therefore omitted

From: Heterogeneity in transmission parameters of hookworm infection within the baseline data from the TUMIKIA study in Kenya

Parameter Definition Fitted MLE value Range
λ No. of eggs per fertilized female worm Yes 3.06 2.2–3.06
k L Aggregation at 10% prevalence Yes 0.048 0.03–0.048
k U Aggregation at 60% prevalence Yes 0.278 0.14–0.278
σ Adult worm life expectancy No 2 years
ϒ Density dependence fecundity No 0.01
k e Aggregation of egg output No 0.8