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Table 3 Details of client-owned dogs enrolled in a clinical field study investigating the efficacy and safety of combination product chewable tablets administered orally once a month for 11 months for the prevention of heartworm disease in the USA

From: Laboratory and field studies to investigate the efficacy of a novel, orally administered combination product containing moxidectin, sarolaner and pyrantel for the prevention of heartworm disease (Dirofilaria immitis) in dogs

CategoryTreatment group
Moxidectin/ Sarolaner/Pyrantel combination productHeartgard® PlusTotal
No. of females (intact/spayed)139 (24/115)65 (11/54)204 (49.8%)
No. of males (intact/neutered)133 (36/97)73 (15/58)206 (50.2%)
Mean initial age in years (range)4.12 (0.15–13.0)4.70 (0.25–13.0)4.32 (0.15–13.0)
Pure-bred/mixed breed (%)58.1/41.958.7/41.358.3/41.7
No. indoors and outdoors (%)91 (33.5)44 (31.9)135 (32.9)
No. mostly indoors (%)169 (62.1)86 (62.3)255 (62.2)
No. mostly outdoors (%)12 (4.4)8 (5.8)20 (4.9)