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Table 4 Clinic location and number and percentage of dogs enrolled in a clinical field study investigating the efficacy and safety of combination chewable tablets administered orally once a month for 11 months for the prevention of heartworm disease in client-owned dogs presented in the USA

From: Laboratory and field studies to investigate the efficacy of a novel, orally administered combination product containing moxidectin, sarolaner and pyrantel for the prevention of heartworm disease (Dirofilaria immitis) in dogs

Clinic locationMoxidectin/Sarolaner/Pyrantel combination productHeartgard® PlusTotal
Lake Worth, FL124.464.3184.4
West Palm Beach, FL82.942.9122.9
Boca Raton, FL82.942.9122.9
Bogart, GA145.175.1215.1
Baton Rouge 1, LA93.342.9133.2
Baton Rouge 2, LA82.942.9122.9
Livonia, LA134.864.3194.6
Metairie, LA103.753.6153.7
Zachary, LA103.753.6153.7
Wichita Falls, TX82.942.9122.9
Grapevine, TX103.753.6153.7
Lawrence, KS82.942.9122.9
Bartlesville, OK207.4107.2307.3
Fort Collins, CO103.753.6153.7
Terre Haute, IN114.064.3174.1
Farragut, TN103.764.3163.9
Raleigh, NC124.464.3184.4
Springfield, MO269.61410.1409.8
Quakertown, PA238.5128.7358.5
Chester, CT103.753.6153.7
Caledonia, MI124.464.3184.4
Grand Rapids 1, MI103.753.6153.7
Grand Rapids 2, MI103.753.6153.7