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Fig. 1

From: Transfection of Culicoides sonorensis biting midge cell lines with Wolbachia pipientis

Fig. 1

a Wolbachia transfection procedure using Wolbachia isolated from Ae. albopictus Aa23 donor cells to transfect W8 and W3 C. sonorensis cell lines. 1× and 2× refer to the two rounds of the transfection procedure to generate Wolbachia infected W8-w and W3-w cell lines. b PCR confirmation of Wolbachia infections in Aa23, W8-w, W3-w transfected cell lines and absence of infections in W8 and W3 cell lines at passages 1, 6, and 14. c Wolbachia density as determined by qPCR of W3-w and W8-w cell lines for 16 passages. Data are represented as the mean ± standard error (SEM)

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