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Table 1 Key geographical and climatic characteristics of agro-ecological zones of Cameroon

From: A comprehensive survey of the prevalence and spatial distribution of ticks infesting cattle in different agro-ecological zones of Cameroon

Agro-ecological zones (AEZs) Altitude (m) Annual average temperature (°C) Annual average precipitation (mm) Rainy period Vegetation Cattle population
Sudano-sahelian zone (AEZ I) 250–500 28.9 923.35 June–August Dry savannah, steppes 1,898,890
High guinea zone (AEZ II) 500–1500 22.06 1515.3 April–October Savannah, degraded forest 1,183,137
Western Highlands (AEZ III) 1500–2500 20.64 3080.5 March–October Savannah, degraded forest 1,989,200
Humid forest zone with mono-modal rainfall (AEZ IV) 0–2500 24 4163.5 March–October Evergreen forest 1472
Humid forest zone with bimodal rainfall (AEZ V) 400–1000 24.4 2456.8 March–October Humid forest-savannah mosaic 276,855