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Fig. 2

From: Disruption of gut integrity and permeability contributes to enteritis in a fish-parasite model: a story told from serum metabolomics

Fig. 2

Photomicrographs of gilthead sea bream sections of anterior (a) and posterior (b) intestines immunolabelled (brownish colour) with antibodies against claudin 3 (CLDN3, left pictures), tight junction protein 1 (TJP1, central pictures) and E-cadherin (CDH1, right pictures). For each intestinal segment, the upper panel corresponds to control healthy fish and the lower panel to Enteromyxum leei-parasitized fish. Arrowheads point to some labelled parasitic stages, and arrows to some of the positive immunostaining of control fish at the anterior intestine. Note the differences in the distribution and staining intensity in parasitized intestinal sections. Scale-bars: 20 µm

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