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Fig. 4

From: Disruption of gut integrity and permeability contributes to enteritis in a fish-parasite model: a story told from serum metabolomics

Fig. 4

Intestinal tissue integrity and absorptive function are impaired in E. leei parasitized fish. Electrophysiology results showing a transepithelial electrical resistance (Rt, Ω.cm2) and b short circuit current (Isc, µA/cm2) of control (C, n = 4) and recipient (R, n = 6) fish anterior intestines. The data represent the mean (+ SEM) of the tissue Rt or Isc values along the 150 min of ex vivo experiment with the Ussing chambers. Asterisks (**) denote statistical significance at P < 0.01 (a Mann-Whitney test, P = 0.0095; b Student’s t-test, P = 0.0042)

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