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Table 1 Degree of concordance in the number of actives and non-actives identified in the Pathogen Box between the UCSD (U), Swiss TPH (S) and FIOCRUZ (F) assays

From: Multi-center screening of the Pathogen Box collection for schistosomiasis drug discovery

Time (h)/Comparison U vs S U vs F S vs F U vs S vs F
24 87 (349) na na na
48 87 (348) na na na
72 87 (347) 83 (331) 78 (312) 74 (295)
  1. Notes: For the times indicated, the percentage (in bold) and number of compounds (in parentheses) that were identified as active or non-active between the institutions are indicated. Comparisons between UCSD and the Swiss TPH were run on a daily basis, whereas comparisons across all three groups were possible at the 72-h time point when the XTT assay (FIOCRUZ) was completed and the data analyzed
  2. Abbreviation: na, not applicable