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Table 3 Economic and financial costs for MDA delivery, obtained from online WHO regression tool [51] using median input values (see Table 4), and mean GDP per capita weighted by population needed to treat across endemic countries (see Additional file 1: Table S2)

From: Vaccination or mass drug administration against schistosomiasis: a hypothetical cost-effectiveness modelling comparison

Cost Economic costs Financial costs Reference
School-based delivery Community-wide delivery School-based delivery Community-wide delivery
Delivery cost (per person targeted) US$0.75 US$0.50a US$0.31 US$0.34 [52]
PZQ tablets 2.5 × US$0.08 per child 2.5 × US$0.08 per child;
3.5 × US$0.08 per adult
Donated Donated [53, 54]
  1. Notes: Economic costs include costs associated with Ministry of Health buildings and time, as well as the value associated with volunteers’ time
  2. aIncludes US$0.08 per person for the opportunity costs related to the community volunteer who distribute the drugs which is not included with the WHO regression tool [52]