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Fig. 1

From: Two new species of Acanthocotyle Monticelli, 1888 (Monogenea: Acanthocotylidae), parasites of two deep-sea skates (Elasmobranchii: Rajiformes) in the South-East Pacific

Fig. 1

Acanthocotyle imo n. sp. ex Amblyraja frerichsi. a Ventral view of the holotype. b Pseudohaptor. c Details of true haptor. d Reproductive system. e Egg. Abbreviations: aa, anterior adhesive lobes; ag, accessory glands; bl, excretory bladders; ed, ejaculatory duct; eg, egg; ge, germarium; gr, male accessory gland reservoir; in, intestine; lh, larval hooks; ph, pharynx; ps, pseudohaptor; so, sense organs; sr, seminal receptacle; sv, bipartite seminal vesicle; te, testes; th, true haptor; up, uterine atrium; ut, uterus; vd, vas deferens; vt, vitelline duct; vi, vitelline follicles

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