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Table 1 GenBank accession numbers for sequences (LSU rRNA gene and cox1 gene) for Acanthocotyle spp. and the species of the outgroup used in phylogenetic analyses

From: Two new species of Acanthocotyle Monticelli, 1888 (Monogenea: Acanthocotylidae), parasites of two deep-sea skates (Elasmobranchii: Rajiformes) in the South-East Pacific

Species Host Locality GenBank ID References
LSU rRNA cox1
A. atacamensis n. sp. Bathyraja peruana McEachran & Myyake Off Tocopilla, northern Chile (22°16′S, 70°38′W–23°26′S, 70°43′W) MH511079–MH511082 MH511067–MH511072 This study
A. gurgesiella Ñacari, Sepúlveda, Escribano & Oliva, 2018 Gurgesiella furvescens de Buen Off Valparaiso, central Chile (33°S, 72°W) KY379328–KY379329 KY379330–KY379331 [10]
A. imo n. sp. Amblyraja frerichsi (Krefft) Off Tocopilla, northern Chile (22°16′S, 70°38′W–23°26′S, 70°43′W) MH511083–MH511085 MH511074–MH511078 This study
A. urolophi Kearn, Whittington, Chisholm & Evans-Gowing, 2016 Urolophus cruciatus (Lacépède) Tasman Sea (off Australia) FJ971962   [11]
Amphibdellatidae gen. sp. Narcine tasmaniensi (Richardson) Off Australia FJ971964   [23]
Neocalceostoma sp. Arius venosus Valenciennes Off Malaysia AF387510   [24]