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Table 1 Questions (and possible answers) of the yearly questionnaire survey on sarcoptic mange in red foxes in Switzerland

From: Spatiotemporal spread of sarcoptic mange in the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) in Switzerland over more than 60 years: lessons learnt from comparative analysis of multiple surveillance tools

Questions Answers
1 Did you observe foxes with MLL? Yes No
2 How many foxes were affected? None 1–2 3–5 6–10 > 10
3 If you observed cases, which type(s) of observation did you make? Live fox(es) with MLL Fox(es) found dead with MLL Culled fox(es) with MLL Mite detection in a laboratory
4 How do you consider the trend of MLL occurrence Increasing Stable Decreasing
  1. Abbreviation: MLL, mange-like lesions