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Table 6 Average relative body weight gain and lesion scores at week 4 post-infestation in AA and AB individuals between the two rabbit breeds experimentally infested with S. scabiei var. cuniculi

From: Comparative analysis of host resistance to Sarcoptes scabiei var. cuniculi in two different rabbit breeds

GroupGenotypeRelative body weight gain (%)
(mean ± SD)
Lesion scores (points)
(mean ± SD)
QXAA (n = 8)18.15 ± 1.27a3.84 ± 0.76a
AB (n = 10)23.11 ± 1.49b2.98 ± 0.83b
IRAAA (n = 14)17.84 ± 2.06a4.06 ± 0.63a
AB (n = 4)22.94 ± 1.85b3.65 ± 0.54a
  1. Note: The data were collected in week 4 post-infestation. The different superscript letters within a column denote significant differences between groups (P < 0.05)
  2. Abbreviations: QX, QiXing rabbit breed propagated by the Sichuan Animal Science Academy, China; IRA, IRA rabbit breed; SD, standard deviation