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Fig. 2

From: Identification of linear epitopes in SjSP-13 of Schistosoma japonicum using a GST-peptide fusion protein microplate array

Fig. 2

Schematic diagram of the GST-peptide-His fusion protein microplate array. a GST-peptide-His fusion protein was bound to the GSH-immobilized microplates via the interaction of GST and GSH. The integrity of the bound GST-peptide-His fusion protein could be detected by anti-GST and anti-6xHis antibodies. b High RLUs were detected by chemiluminescent ELISA when using both anti-GST and anti-6xHis antibodies, validating the reliability of the epitope screening platform. Abbreviation: RLUs, relative light units. Key: red dot, the positive recombinant GST protein with an N-terminal 6 x His tag (GST-His); blue dot, negative E. coli lysis; black dots, GST-peptide-His fusion proteins

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