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Fig. 5

From: In silico selection of functionally important proteins from the mialome of Ornithodoros erraticus ticks and assessment of their protective efficacy as vaccine targets

Fig. 5

ELISA. IgG antibody response in rabbits vaccinated with recombinant antigens SjGST (control), OeCHI, OePK4, OeRPP0 and OeTSP1 + OeTSP2 (TSPs). a Reactivity of rabbit sera to the homologous recombinant antigen. b Reactivity of rabbit sera to the saliva of Ornithodoros erraticus and Ornithodoros moubata. Values are the average OD ± SD at 492 nm from each rabbit group. Sera were taken before immunisation (preimmune), 14 days post-immunisation, immediately before the infestation with ticks (14 dpi) and 14 days post-infestation (28 dpi), and were used at 1/300 dilution

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