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Fig. 6

From: In silico selection of functionally important proteins from the mialome of Ornithodoros erraticus ticks and assessment of their protective efficacy as vaccine targets

Fig. 6

a, c Coomassie Blue-stained 15% SDS-PAGE gels showing the soluble (S) and membrane (M) proteins of the midgut from Ornithodoros erraticus (a) and O. moubata (c) female ticks taken before feeding (Unfed) and 48 h after engorgement (Fed). b, d Western blots: antigens revealed by the sera from the rabbits vaccinated with the recombinant antigens SjGST, OeCHI, OeTSP1 + OeTPS2 (TSPs), OeRPP0 and OePK4 on the protein extracts from O. erraticus (b) and O. moubata (d). Sera were taken before immunisation (preimmune) and 14 days post-immunisation, immediately before the infestation with ticks. Red asterisks: IgG heavy chain from the rabbit host ingested with blood. Arrows: native forms of OeCHI (55 kDa, blue), OeTSPs (25.9–26.4 kDa, purple) OeRPP0 (34.7, red) and OePK4 (11.5, green) recognised by the immune sera

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