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TableĀ 1 Identified ompA polymorphisms

From: Whole-genome sequencing of ocular Chlamydia trachomatis isolates from Gadarif State, Sudan

Sequences affected Nucleotide change Amino acid change Protein region
B1, J52 305C>T na na
A8 349G>A D117N Surface exposed
B1, J52 736A>G na na
T94, TF16, TF34 743C>T A248V Surface exposed
J52 1000T>G S334A Membranous
B13 1007A>G T337A Surface exposed
A8, TF54 1007_1009del na na
TF34 1011A>C na na
  1. Abbreviation: na, the polymorphism did not lead to an amino acid change and therefore did not affect any region of the protein