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Table 1 Results of NCBI online nucleotide BLAST search of the newly generated sequence (Leish 17-832) using the NCBI Genomic Reference Sequences Database

From: Imported cutaneous leishmaniasis: molecular investigation unveils Leishmania major in Bangladesh

HitGenBank IDPairwise identity (%)Query cover (%)e-value
Leishmania major strain Friedlin complete genome, chromosome 27NC_007268.2991000.0
Leishmania infantum JPCM5 WGS CACT00000000 data, contig 37, whole genome shotgun sequenceNW_004057905.188907e-105
Leishmania donovani BPK282A1 complete genome, chromosome 27NC_018254.188901e-102
Leishmania mexicana MHOM/GT/2001/U1103 WGS CADB00000000 data, contig 148, whole genome shotgun sequenceNW_003946471.187877e-95