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Table 5 Temperature-dependent functions for daily death rates µj, \(j \in \left\{ {E,L_{1} ,L_{2} ,L_{3} ,L_{4} ,P,A} \right\}\). Parameters for the temperature dependent functions for the daily death rates

From: First report of the influence of temperature on the bionomics and population dynamics of Aedes koreicus, a new invasive alien species in Europe

Stage Function a b c σ2
E F3 0.77 7308.51 − 0.93 5·10−3
L1 0.05a 1.4·10−3
L2 0a 0
L3 0.007a 1·10−4
L4 0.003a 1∙10−5
P F3 0.03 1.7·10−8 0.53 4·10−4
A F3 0.01 5.6·10−9 0.52 4·10−5
  1. aConstant value
  2. Note: T denotes the temperature (°C); σ2 is the average of the residuals of the interpolation (see main text for additional details)