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Fig. 1

From: The life-cycle of the avian haemosporidian parasite Haemoproteus majoris, with emphasis on the exoerythrocytic and sporogonic development

Fig. 1

Laser microdissection of single megalomeronts of Haemoproteus majoris (lineage hPARUS1) from kidneys of the great tit Parus major. a Single intact megalomeront on a membrane slide before dissection. b Same single intact megalomeront on a membrane slide after dissection. c Same single megalomeront on a membrane slide after the removal of its dissected part. Note that only the central portion of the megalomeront was dissected for genetic analysis as was evident due to the intact capsule-like wall covering the parasite. Long simple arrow: capsule-like wall of megalomeront; short simple arrow: the hole in the membrane left after the dissection of the megalomeront. Unstained histological sections. Scale-bar: 20 μm

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