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Fig. 2

From: The life-cycle of the avian haemosporidian parasite Haemoproteus majoris, with emphasis on the exoerythrocytic and sporogonic development

Fig. 2

Bayesian phylogenetic tree constructed using 479 bp mitochondrial cytochrome b gene sequences of 41 Haemoproteus species and 11 Plasmodium spp. lineages, with one Leucocytozoon sp. lineage used as the outgroup. Posterior probabilities > 0.7 are indicated in the tree. MalAvi database codes of the lineages are given, followed by parasite species names and GenBank accession numbers. The green box indicates closely related lineages of parasites belonging to the Haemoproteus majoris group. Bold font indicates the lineages hPHYBOR04 and hPARUS1, which were investigated in this study

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