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Table 1 Brief information for Xenopsylla cheopis collection in Baise of Guangxi, China

From: First detection of the kdr mutation (L1014F) in the plague vector Xenopsylla cheopis (Siphonaptera: Pulicidae)

Site Location Coordinate Date
1 Yongle, Youjiang County 106°37′12″E, 23°59′24″N October 2017
2 Wangdian, Youjiang County 106°21′4″E, 24°11′24″N October 2017
3 Gebu, Longlin County 105°2′24″E, 24°47′24″N June 2018
4 Bada, Xilin County 105°6′3″E, 24°29′24″N April 2018